Clash of Clans Halloween Theme

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is coming and the Clash of Clans team is preparing again the complete theme for the game.

Every year the Clashers get 2 special themes: Halloween and Christmas. With the Halloween theme, all obstacles get some scary additions to it, and most important, we always get a special obstacle that we can keep forever.

To hardcore Clashers, collect the special obstacles is the true meaning of the Halloween theme.


The tradition began in 2012 with a simple Mushroom and was followed by another Mushroom in 2013. With the Headstone in 2014, the obstacle became permanent until you removed. In 2015 we got the Cauldron. Here they are:

The cost to remove them was 25.000 Elixir and you get 75.000 for removing it.


In 2012 we had very special addition, the Pumpkin Bomb! It was not an obstacle, it was a trap. Similar to the small bomb, but a little bit stronger, it quickly became and obsession to many Clashers when the Halloween theme was over.

The reason? You could keep the bomb forever, unless an enemy exploded it during an attack! After exploding they were gone, it was not possible to re-arm the trap. Special layouts were created but unfortunately, after a while, no one (that I know) was able to keep them.

A well protected Pumpkin Bomb.


The special obstacles, just as the regular ones, spawns all over the map and can't be moved. But no one wants to keep and obstacle on the middle of the village ruining your layout forever, right?

So if you want to collect them you must create a special layout the uses 100% of the map. This will force the game to spawn the obstacles on the edges. Of course, keeping this layout only when the shield is on should be enough.

Special layout using 100% of village to force obstacles to spawn on the edges. You can see the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Xmas Tree, the 2014 Headstone and 2015 Cauldron on the edges.


The 2016 Theme was confirmed by Supercell but we don't know what surprise will be in it yet.

A leaked image shows us a special obstacle (or trap?). It's some kind of pumpkin Venus Flytrap. Check it out:

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