5 Secrets from the October Update!

The October Update is right around the corner and since you probably know the major things on the way (if you don't, check our recap here!), let's take a closer look on some features and find out the hidden secrets that will make this update huge!


The capacity of the preparation will be 2x the capacity of your army. If your Army Camps can hold 220 troops, you can prepare the training of 440. As soon as you have free space on your camp, troops will move in.

You can see the difference of the troops for your 1st and 2nd Army on the red background.


Time evolution based on Barracks.
We all know that with the new Army Training screen you will manage all Barracks and Spell Factories on the same place.

But with everything together, you will be able to train only one troop at a time. Currently, you can train 4 Elixir Troops at the same time, one on each Elixir Barrack. Technically, this would increase the final time to train an army in at least 4 times.

To counter this problem, the production time will be reduced according with how many Barracks are capable of training that troop.

For example, the Dragon training time is 12 minutes. With only one Barrack capable of training this troop, this is how long you will have to wait. Upgrading a second Barrack to train this troop will reduce the training time by half, to 6 minutes. With all 4 Barrack capable of training the Dragon, the time will be reduced to only 2 minutes! Barbarians for example, will be produced in only 5 seconds now.

So in the end, training a single troop is much faster but the final time to train the complete army should be pretty much the same.


The game will tell you the total Elixir and Dark Elixir cost.

For years one of the best tools to Clashers was the Army Planner. With this tool, you were be able to find out the total cost of Elixir and Dark Elixir of your formation and the best way to distribute the troops on your Barracks to finish the training faster.

With the new Quick Training screen, the game will easily give you all this answers.

First of all, now you will be able to train only one troop of a time. For this reason, there is no need to worry about distributing all troops equally between the Barracks. Distribution problem solved.

On the Quick Training tab, you will also find out the total cost to train your army. This is something that will make many Clashe geeks like me happy and farmers will absolutely love, because now you can easily find out how much you must steal on your raid to actually make a profit.


Some small changes are coming to regular Clan Wars and people barely notice because all we talk about is the new Friendly War. The changes announced will affect the Win Bonus and will make Wars much more appealing.

From now on there War Win bonus will not be reduced by attacking lower Town Hall levels. Remember that Clan mate that always wants to attack higher opponents just to grab a better bonus? Yes, it'll not happen anymore.

Another change: you will earn a partial War Win Bonus even when failing an attack. This is a great change that will reduce the huge frustration of losing a War attack.


Now you will be able to search for players on the game, add them to the Social tab and well, stalk them to find out how their village is going. :)

With this tool, you will never "lose" a friend anymore, something pretty common on the game right now if a player decides to change of clan.

Even if you don't have Facebook or Game Center, or just on't want to use, now you can add game players over there.

Player Avatars will soon be added to the game as well!

Social stuff has been requested for long, long time on Clash of Clans! I'm super exited about this, and maybe who knows, pretty soon we might get the private chat we've been waiting for year!

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