Sneak Peek #2: Army Training and Quick Training

Clashers, Sneak Peek #2 is out and it's something we've been asking and waiting for a long time! The army training is completely revamped! To explain this I prepared a step by step post. Check it out:


Barracks and Spell Factories will no longer have an individual screen. Everything will be done right here on the Army page.


Now you will train your army all together. You will not divide it on 6 barracks anymore. You can also prepare the troops to 2 attacks, with a capacity os 2x of your army.

You can see the second army preparation on the picture, it's the troops in red. You can boost and gem the troops directly on this tab.


Just as the troop tab, here you will choose the spells to brew. You can move the spells/troops according to the ordem you want them to be made.


The last tab is where the magic really is! You will be able to create and save 3 army formations! Similar to Boom Beach, now you can choose the army formation you want and the production will start right away.

You can also see the total cost of Elixir and Dark elixir of your army, a dream come true to many Clashers.


Since all barracks will work together to train the same troop, the average time to train a troops should be divided by 4. This means a single Dragon will be trained in only 3 minutes!

But don't get too excited! Before you could train 4 dragons at the same time (one on each barrack), but now you can  train only a single troop at a time. This means that it will take the pretty much same time to train 4 dragons.

That's about it! Here are the complete notes provided by Supercell:

The detailed change set:

• All troop and spell training now happens in single, dedicated tabs
• You can now fully train two armies at a time
• Quick Train lets you create 3 army plans and train any with one tap
• Quick Train lets you retrain your last used army with one tap
• Troops and spells in training can be reordered freely with a long tap
• "Overqueued" units train and get a green check mark - you can donate these!
• Barracks are now used to unlock troops and reduce their training time

To make this new training system work as well as it should, lots of times and gem costs had to be adjusted. Diligent Clashers may notice:

• Training single troops is MUCH faster (3 minute Dragons!)
• Full-army training times should be roughly similar to before
• Small amounts of units can have a slightly higher "Finish Training" gem cost
• Large amounts of units have a lower "Finish Training" gem cost

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