Clash of Clans: Attacking Basics

Doesn’t matter if you are attacking for trophies or resources, there are some basic things every Clasher should know.


This is not possible in all villages, but some players are distracted and place their Clan Castle close to the borders. On these cases, the first unit you put down should be to check if they have Clan Castle troops. 

You don't want to be surprised when your plan goes wrong due to a bunch of enemies pouring out, drawing them into the line of fire of the defenses.

Giants and Hog Riders are great to take the Clan Troops out of the Castle in difficult layouts because they target defenses. They will not aim the Mines and Collectors placed around the village, they will go straight ahead to closest Defense Building making it easier to get in the range of the Clan Castle. Release a single one and see how it goes!

This is strongly recommended to all attacks, but some troop formations, such as Hog Riders, are more vulnerable to Clan Troops then others. To specific cases look at the “attack compositions” page.


There are many ways to kill a Clan troops. The most common is to kill them with spells.

You can use the Lightning or Poison Spell the kill Clan Troops. Great against Archers, Wizards, Barbarians and any other weak/small troop. The problem with the Lightning is that uses 2 spaces. The problem with the Poison is that now if the defense troops are not attacking, they will run away from the spell. So luring them to the corner to take them out will not work.

But you can also use troops instead of spells. In any case, even if you don’t use specific troops to kill them, it’s better to destroy them outside the walls, far away from the enemy defenses.

But some troops are easily killed by other ones. Big and slow troops, such as PEKKAs and Golems, can easily be killed by Witches. Lava Hound no longer attack air targets, so can be taken down by Minions. Minions are also great against Valkyries and Bowlers.


If possible, of course. Now you can no longer lure the Heroes and take them to the corner to kill them, but if their base is located near the edges you can still kill them before the actual attack.

Weak troops are more effective to kill them because they can attack only one at time, they don’t make splash damage so it will take a long time for a King to kill 15 barbarians for example. On the other hand, if you deploy a strong P.E.K.K.A the King will destroy him with a couple of hits.

Using Witches is definitely a great alternative to kill the Heroes as long you can take them to the corner out of the range of the defenses.

Troops that target defenses (Giants, Golems, Hog Riders) will target the Warden on defense mode.


Some bases have traps placed outside the walls. This is not recommended since it’s too easy to activate them, so always make a quick test before the attack.

It doesn’t matter your Trophy count, take some Barbarians with you and release them alone before the attack to explode Giant Bombs and other traps placed outside the walls. Sometimes you can even find a Hidden Tesla over there.

This is also recommended when using Wall Breakers. There are many Spring Traps on common places outside the walls. A single barbarian can activate them and save your Wall Breakers.


Train your army while you attack for more frequent raiding.

Queue up additional soldiers before you go searching for a match! They will start completing as soon as you tap the attack button, so you will return to an already half-built army. This will drastically decrease your waiting time between raids.


Don’t worry about spending too much gold searching for the right battle, just keep looking until you find the right one. Look for Inactive Bases (more about it on the Strategy Guide) and definitely look for a battle that you can get the resources. If they are too protected and the defenses are too strong, skip and keep looking.

If it’s really hard to find a good target some users believe that closing the game and reopening to make a new login helps. You can change the game language to make this faster. It’s not 100% guaranteed, but some users really to this and claim it works. I’m not so sure, but you can give it a try.


Sometimes all the gold is on the Storages; sometimes the gold is on the Collectors. If the village is abandoned, the resources will be on the Collectors, not on the Storages. You can test by deploying a single Archer to attack a Gold Mine and find out how much she will steal with a single shoot.

How do you identify it? There are many ways to find out, so for a closer look go to the Inactive Bases page and find out how to identify them. 


Considering how the loot available is calculated, you can’t get too many or too few Trophies according to you Town Hall, so we suggest keeping the attacks on this range:

TH 7: 900-1700
TH 8: 1500-2000
TH 9: 1700-3000
TH 10: 2500-4000
TH 11: 3000 - 4k+

Remember, the game wants you to battle against opponents with same Town Hall level as you. Forcing to lose too many trophies might get you on a league without anyone with a great amount of loot available.

You should also take in consideration the League Bonus. If you are a high level player, you should really consider to farm on higher leagues with a strong army. The bonus is huge, and with the right attack you can get up to 800k of gold on each attack. Definitely a great idea instead of using cheat troops on lower leagues.

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