Get Ready! Clash of Clans October Update Recap!

The next Clash of Clans update is HUGE and it's right around the corner! Do you know everything that is going to change? Lets recap the October update!


Clash of Clans developers are pushing for 2-phase attacks for a long time. With Town Hall 11 and the new Eagle Artillery, they made it clear: no more single unit / mass troop attack. Unfortunately, some troops are still pretty good when used alone, such as mass Miners vs maxed villages.

But now Mortars will get a little help from a Clash Royale defensive building, the Bomb Tower!

Unlocked on Town Hall 8, the Bomb Tower works similar as Mortars, targeting only ground troops and making splash damage. It has faster fire rate, doesn't have a dead zone around and when destroyed the Skeleton will drop a last bomb for a final defense. Yes, the bomb is fast enough to hit the Miners!

Images from YouTuber Clash with Ash


The way you train your troops is about to change. Instead of selecting troops on each Barrack and spells on each Spell Factory, now you will make everything on the same screen at the same time.

Since it will train only one troop at a time, the time will be reduced by 4 if all 4 Barracks are able to train that troop. Training one troop will be 4x faster, but since you can train one at a time (instead of 4 on the Barracks) the final training time will be the same.

You will also be able to save up to 3 army composition on the Quick Train tab. With only one tap all troops and spells will start to be trained!

This is HUGE and it's something clashers have been requesting for a long, long time. The Quick Training will also tell you the Elixir and Dark Elixir cost of your army! Can't wait to see in action!


Tons of stuff here:

• New Wizard level 7. Level 6 available on TH 9 with a little damage buff.
• New Tesla level 9. Tesla will no longer make 2x damage on P.E.K.K.As. This is a HUGE BUFF TO P.E.K.K.As!
• New Baby Dragon level 5. Level 4 will be available on TH 10.
• New Mortar level 10.
• New X-Bow level 5.
• New Dragon level 6.
• 25 new wall pieces on TH 11.
• Skeleton Spell: spawns more skeleton and last longer.
• Clone Spell: cloned troops will last longer.
• Bowler HP decreased.
• Hog Riders: Giant Bombs will no longer make 1.5x damage. HUGE BUFF TO HOGS!
• Witches: HP will be massively increased while damage will be slight reduced.


• Earn a partial War Win Bonus even when failing an attack
• War Win Bonus is no longer reduced when attacking lower Town Hall levels
• Tougher targets in war are worth more Clan XP, to a max of 10XP!


Now your can challenge other clans to war!

This is a mix between Friendly Battles and Clan Wars. Friendly Wars will work similarly to regular Clan Wars, but you can choose your opponent. On the other hand, you will not get loot, bonus and XP. You will not lose your army on the attacks too, just like Friendly Challenges.

Well, I guess that's it! Now get ready and Supercell, bring it on!


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