Sneak Peek: Mega Crab is back!

Mega Crab, the coolest Boom Beach event is coming back this week!


The 4th Mega Crab event is about to start, and again, tons of exclusive content will be added. This time looks like we will have a special Halloween event!

For the new Boomers out there, Mega Crab is a special event that involves Dr. T and his super weapons. This event has infinite stages and each stage is unlocked as the previous one is defeated. This event usually lasts 3 days and there is an exclusive ranking to it.

Let's take a look on the new exclusive weapons created by Dr. T for this event:


The first Boom Beach flying unit is finally here! Yes, the critter containers now will release flying critters:

Even tough they have wings and fly, don't expect a complete new gameplay such as the Dragons/Lava/Balloons on Clash games. These critters will be targeted by most (or all) defenses. The main difference is that they will not trigger traps.


As you can imagine, this is pumpkin mortar! This weapon has the same range as the regular mortar, lower DPS, but when the pumpkin explodes it will release some kind of toxic poison that will affect and confuse your troops:

That's all for now! Mega Crab event is schedule to start tomorrow (Friday), so we might get another Sneak Peek before the event.

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