Clash Royale Matchmaking

The matchmaking on Clash Royale is similar to Clash of Clans. You are matched against enemies with the same amount of Trophies that you have. King and cards level are not taken in consideration.

This means that the more Trophies you have, the harder the battles will be.

When playing on long sessions, you will always end up losing some battles, get used to it, it’s normal. You can’t always win and you will find a limit of Trophies you can get according to your cards and King level. Once you reach that limit upgrade your cards, change your strategy, try new decks and find a way to be a better player to reach higher leagues.


On Clash of Clans there are some methods created by Supercell to protect players from taking advantage from the matchmaking system. For example, if you ditch your trophies and battle against lower level players with lower levels of Town Hall, you will find easy battles but not get much loot.

On Clash Royale, there is no such thing. You will battle equally against everyone no matter what is the King Level.

But there is something very important that must be taken into consideration: the content of the chests you get change according to the Arena you are in, so you must always try to reach higher Arenas.

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