Sneak Peek #4: Friendly Wars!

The wait is over, the update we've been waiting for 2 years since Clan Wars was introduced is here! Meet the Friendly Wars!

On this update you will be able to choose your Clan War enemy! Yes, you will be able to search for a clan and challenge it for a war!


Each clan can choose to enable War Challenges or not. If a clan has opt in for challenges, there will be a Challenge button on their profile where other clans have to go start the war.


The challenge can be completely configured as you want. You can choose from 5 to 50 members, Preparation Period and Battle Period (3 minutes to 1 day).

When submitted, the challenge request will show up on the chat to all members to see.

When accepted, the clan will choose the members to participate the war. After this, Preparation Period will start right away.


Similar to Friendly Battles, your army will not be lost on battles, with the exception of Clan Castle troops (!!!).


Image by Youtuber Clash With Ash

Regular Clan Wars always try to match you with a clan as strong as yours. Similar Town Hall levels, Heroes and troops. On Friendly Wars, just as Friendly Challenges, there is absolutely no restriction. It all depends on the members that you chose to participate. For this reason, before accepting the challenge you can easily see the Town Hall level os the members to decline unfair challenges if you want.


Friendly Wars were made for fun, revenge and to settle rivalries. Since it can be unbalanced, setup and "cheated", there is no loot, xp or Clan Perks. Think about it as and expansion of Friendly Battles.


You will check how your War is going by tapping the same War button for both wars types. This way it's not possible to participate in 2 wars at the same time (regular and challenge). You will also be ineligible to wars if you are participating on a Friendly War.


That's all for the October update! This was the last Sneak Peek, so the update should be right around the corner. I don't remember any Clash update being released on weekends, so we will probably have some update recap for 2 days and the update on Monday.

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