Boom Beach: Beginner's Guide

You think you know all the basics? Let’s find out!


Boom Beach is a multiplayer strategy game. You build your own island and battle against other islands to get resources and Victory Points.


The Rank System is based ONLY on the number of Victory Points you have.


The multiplayer matchmaking is based only on your Victory Points as well. The more VP you have, harder and better your opponents will be. Since you are in a harder environment, more attacks you will suffer since your opponents will be stronger and more capable of destroying your Island.


This is not an easy task and Supercell probably did this on purpose to make the matchmaking different from Clash of Clans. You lose only a single VP when your base gets raided, when you lose a Resource Base and when you lose an Island. 

This means you can’t simple ditch VP as you wish to battle against easier Island. In other words, you can’t farm.


Since you can’t easily lose VP and the more you have the harder it gets to defend and raid other islands, it is strongly recommended to attack other players villages only when there is a ton of resources to get. Make that Victory Point you will get worth the resources. Don’t attack “only” to attack.

This applies only to other player’s islands. Always battle to get and keep Resource Bases.


Since raiding other villages can’t be your primary resource income, make sure you always upgrade your Iron Mine, Quarry, Sawmill and Residences. Always battle hard to keep the Resource Villages as well, they are very important to keep your income.


The loot you lose when attacked is based on your vault level. Each level protects a specific amount of recourses. It’s strongly recommended to upgrade it really early on the game. On lower level this is very important. On higher levels not so much.

Your HQ level will not influence the loot. This is a big change from Clash of Clans.

Another curiosity is that the loot available on the Islands is the loot available when you discover that island. This loot will not increase or change, even if that player spends all his resources. You will always steal the amount of loot available when you “discover” that island. On the other side, the user that gets raided will only lose the resources based in what he currently have.


Since there are no penalties from upgrading your HQ early on the game, it’s recommended to rush it. This is your TOP priority upgrade. The sooner you upgrade the sooner you will get all buildings, such as Iron Mines, Quarry, new defenses, more Landing Crafts, etc.


There isn’t a single order of priorities, but usually it’s better to upgrade first your HQ, Economy Buildings (Residences, Quarry, etc), Vault (specially on lower levels), Radar (to find all Resource Bases), Gunboat, and then the defenses.


Another popular question, what should you upgrade first on the armory. The answer is single: upgrade first what you use the most.

Gunboat upgrade? Usually most people upgrade Artillery and Barrage first because they use in all attacks. If you are a Warrior fan you might want to upgrade Smoke and Shock first.

Troop upgrade? Your favorite troop first. If you love Warriors, upgrade them first. You love Zooka + Rifleman Combo, upgrade them first. :)

The game is very well balanced, so you can’t go wrong with any upgrade. Whatever you upgrade it’s a good deal.


Upgrading the radar will make you more vulnerable to higher players?

No. The matchmaking is based only on your VP, but upgrading the radar will expose you to more players, so more people will have your base on their map.

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