Sneak Peek: new Hammerman event, The Imagination Game!

Boomers, the next game update is still a bit far away but this time Supercell decided to give us a preview of the what is on the way.

So today, meet the brand new event featuring Lt. Hammerman: The Imitation Game!


On this event Lt. Hammerman will copy the best bases on your Archipelago (your own base as well) and give you a chance to destroy them.

This event will feature 7 stages with increasing difficulty. The damage on the bases will be permanent (similar to Gearheart) and you will have only 10 attacks to take down all 10 stages!

We still didn't get access to the game yet so we can provide any pictures of this event in action, but stay tuned, as soon as we get we will update this post.


With this new event the cycle will feature 2 Hammerman's event (Imitation and Strikes Back) and will last 7 days.


This new event will be unlocked after destroying Hammerman HQ II, and upgrading your Radar to level 9.

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