Card Spotlight: Elite Barbarians

Clashers, meet the new Clash Royale card, the Elite Barbarians!

This is a new common card, unlocked on the Royal Arena (Arena 7) and will cost 6 Elixir to be deployed on the battles.

With the look of a level 6 Clash of Clans Barbarians, what everyone is probably asking is this: what's the difference between the new card and the regular barbarians? Let's find out!


Making it simple, they are stronger and faster. Better DPS? Not so much.

The big difference is this card will deploy only two Barbarians, while the regular one deploys four, making the total DPS for the new card a bit weaker.

By deploying only 2 Barbarians, the use of this card will be very different from the original one as well. It can't be used in swarming high damaging single target troops like the P.E.K.K.A. Instead, they might be a mix between mass troops and single high damage cards.


The first impression you get by deploying them is the speed. Yes, they are very fast compared to the regular ones. They are definitely very "buffed" barbarians, but so far the big question is, are they overpriced?

So far, it really seems like they are overprices. 5 Elixir should be a better fit for them. But still we need to play a bit longer with them to find out.

Costing 6 Elixir makes this a tough call. It's expensive? Yes. Is it worth? No so sure.


Elite Barbarians are a pretty fast troop, so the first combo to roll out over the web was the Hog + Elite Barbarians.

The new Barbarians are just as fast as the Hog, so you can place them all together and the Barbarians will protect the hog as a "meat shield". But costing 6 Elixir and the Hog 4 Elixir, you will need a full bar to use this combo and will not be able to add another support card at the time. This combo will be very vulnerable to air troops, so use wisely.

Another combo, this one used by Clash with Ash, is the Elite Barbarians + Lumberjack. The new Barbarians are already pretty fast, and with the Rage released upon the death of the Lumberjack, this combo is lightning fast and can take down a Tower in a matter of seconds.

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