Sneak Peek: New Op + Barbed Wire!

Boomers, the next game update is still a bit far away but this time Supercell decided to give us a preview of the what is on the way.

Today we will review the new operation, the toughest mission ever created: Forlorn Hope!


This is the most difficult operation ever created on the game and has been requested for a long time.

Why? Currently the most difficult operation is the Massive Attack, but if you check the the Task Force ranks you will find dozens tied in the first place, specially the ones with 50 members. This only means one thing, all those Task Forces able to destroy the most difficult operation currently available on the game and end up tied on the first place with the same number of Force Points.

This new operation should fix this, making the top spot a little bit more challenging.

This operation will cost 186 intel (5 man TF), reward 1820 Force Points and will feature a brand new and exclusive defense:


Yes, your heard it right, a Barbed Wire to protect buildings!

For the first time Boom Beach will feature some king of building that will work similarly to the walls on Clash of Clans.


Walls on Boom Beach have been ruled out by the developer team for a long time, so don't expect them to work the same way.

The troops will be able to go over the wires (not like Hogs tough xD), but they will be slowed down and suffer minor damage. Wires cannot be target by the troops or destroyed, so don't expect any "Wire Breaker" troop coming soon.

This defense will definitely make the life of small mass troops more difficult, such as Zookas and Warriors. Tanks + Medic and Scorchers should not be affected that badly.


On the picture above you can see Zookas being affected by the Barbed Wires. This damage and slow down effect is CONSTANT as long as the troop remains on the wires!

Plan your attack ahead so the troops go across the wires, and do not stand above it.


The damage made by the wires doesn't seem to be that big, but the slow down is real.

The damage will be a big deal mostly to mass troops with low HPs such as Zookas as Riflemans. On the other hand, "big" troops such as Tanks, that are already a bit slow, will get even slower when affected by the wires. You can see on the picture above the Tanks in blue being affected by the wires. With the slow down, they will became an easier target.


As far as we know, Barbed Wires will be available on high level operations, meaning there is no plan in making it available to all users to build on they own Island.


  1. Can it be destroyed by the Gunboat tools?

    1. No, and it won't be target by the troops as well. I guess the point is to force different strategy paths around, or just deal with them. 💪


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