The Clash of Clans Giant Deck!

What's up Clashers! House Royale app will now feature weekly deck reviews, making complete walkthroughs from decks submitted by users, popular ones from YouTubers and of course, my all time favorites.

To begin with I will share the first deck I ever created. Being a long time Clash of Clans fan, I couldn't help but try to make a real Clash of Clans attack on Clash Royale. The fun thing, it actually worked pretty well! You can easily reach Arena 7 with this deck and since you might know most troops/cards from Clash of Clans, you can are already familiar with the concept of each card.

If you are coming from Clash of Clans and fell a little lost on Clash Royale, this is the deck you must try.



Who never tried a Giant + Wizards on Clash of Clans? Well, be concept is the same, send the Giant first as a meat shield and the Musketeer behind. But wait... Wizard or Musketeer?

On this deck I replaced the Wizard with the Musketeer. The difference? Keeping it simple, the Wiz make splash damage and the Musketeer makes simple damage, but it's a very high damage and if this combo reaches the opponent Tower, the destruction will be huge.

The Combo doing the dirty job!


As you can imagine, your Giant will not slowly walk through the Arena without any help. So here we have 6 great cards to support your attack or to defend against your enemy.

Giant is a slow troop. Launching him on the back of your side gives you time/Elixir to make support troops and plan your attack.


Strong and make splash damage. Great agains low HP units such as Goblins and Skeletons. Did I mention she is pretty strong? Yes, she can take Wizards out and works great even against Musketeers. Her weakness? Air troops! So we need the...


Differently from Clash of Clans, there is no way you can battle without air troops. Baby Dragon and Minions are great cards to counter ground and air enemy troops. The Baby Dragon makes splash damage, great against multiple low HP troops. Minions are great against pretty much everything, but they will feel the heat against splash damage troops such as Wiz and Baby Dragons.

Giant alone taking down the King's Tower. All counters on the field supporting him. Enemy using a Giant as a distraction... not a bad idea, but didn't work for him.


Having problems? Here are the emergency spells to support your attack or defense.

For only 2 Elixir, Zap can give you a 0.5s stun that can save a Tower.

Zap is a very fast and low damage spell, a half baked Lightning, but makes a life savior stun effect of 0.5 second. Doesn't look too long, but costing only 2 Elixir to use this is a fairly great spell with a concept you are already familiar. The damage might be small, but it is enough to "zap out" skeletons and hurt badly numerous troops with low Hit Points.

3 enemy troops together = nice spot for the Fireball.

Fireball? Welcome to Clash Royale, let's get ready to roll. Fireball deals a fair damage for 4 Elixir. You can also make great elixir profit if your enemy places too many troops together. Fireball makes splash damage on a fairly big area, so it's capable to reach many enemy troops and buildings at the same time. This spell is specially great against building huts.


And another 3 Crown victory using a Clash of Clans tactic! What do you think? Want more Clash of Clans decks? More coming soon!

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