Card Preview: Tornado!

A brand new card is coming to Clash Royale, and here is everything you need to know about!


The Tornado is an Epic card that costs only 3 Elixir to use on the game.

It is a spell that lasts 3 seconds and will drag the troops to the center of the Tornado.


The Tornado itself will not cause much damage to the troops, but it might be enough to kill very small mass units such as the skeletons and goblins.

But that's not the point of this spell. The real use of it is to slow down an enemy attack. The Tornado is powerful enough to drag all troops, even heavy ones such as Giants and P.E.K.K.As, and this might give your defense just enough time to destroy them.


Not so much! Ranged troops will remain attacking as long as their target is close enough. This will make this spell not so useful against long ranged troops such as Royal Giant and Musketeers, but still if the tornado drags them them far enough, their target might go out of range.

The tornado can also be used to drag troops closers to Towers, so they can be attacked. This is the case of the Princess:

As far as we can see from game footage, the biggest effect will be against melee troops. They will instantly be dragged away from their targets and will stop attacking right away, giving the defense some time to destroy them without many issues.


The Tornado will not make any damage to enemy Towers, making this spell more likely to be used on defense.

But it's not useless on attack. It can be used to provide offensive support to pull back defensive troops out of the range of your attackers, but keep in mind enemy Towers will not be affected at all and will remain attacking.

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