Card Review + Decks: Meet the Electro Wizard!

What's up Clashers, it's Tom (@HouseofClashers) another card review! This time we will take a look on the brand new Electro Wizard card!

The Electro Wizard costs 4 Elixir, it's a Legendary card and can be unlocked from the Royal Arena (Arena 7). Although we are one week away from the release date, you can unlock him permanently right now by winning the Electro Wizard Challenge.


As the name suggests, this is a new Wizard that "zaps" enemies, causing damage and stunning them.

When deployed the Wizard deals minor area damage and stuns troops around, making it the only card of the game with spawning damage right now. This is great when deployed close to Inferno Towers or Sparky as it will make them stop and recharge. If you already destroyed one Crown Tower, no matter where your opponent places the Inferno Tower, you will probably be able to place the Wizard close enough to force it to recharge.

Just as the original Zap spell, this spawning damage is strong enough to kill mass troops with low HP, such as Skeletons and Goblins. Amazing!

Another great feature: the Wizard can hit two enemies at once. Keep in mind that this is not splash damage, he actually targets two enemies at the same time.

Those two features are unique and so far this is the only card with those abilities.


The Hit Speed of the Electro Wizard is 1.7s, damage 200 and stun effect of 0.5s. Slow troops will have a really hard time against him. P.E.K.K.A, Princess, Golem. The Bowler will not even be able to throw the rock at him! He will remain stationary all the time.

Electro Wizard is great against slow troops and troops/buildings that recharge, such as the Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon. He will be a nightmare to Sparky and will give the Hog a really hard time on his run to the towers.

With 550 HP, the level 7 Fireball can kill him, making this probably the most popular card on the Challenge.

Small troops: don't forget the spawning damage. It will insta-kill kill Skeletons. Minion will survive, but with little life left. Cheap troops will probably not going to be the way to go on the Challenge.


You will be able to use ALL cards, even the ones you haven't unlocked yet. This is your chance to try everything, but if you want to win, make a deck you are already familiar with.

Another tip, make the challenge on the beginning. The first time no one will really know what they are doing. The second try, after spending 100 gems, you will probably face more skilled opponents.


Since we can have all cards on the game, I'll be using a deck that was reviewed here on House Royale: Lava + Miner.

This is a quite popular deck on higher arenas, and that happens for a reason: the Lava + Miner push is very, very strong.

A few changes will have to de done to fit the Electro Wizard. The obvious change is to replace the Ice Wizard, but I will miss the splash damage. The best change is to remove the Lightning, creating a big Beatdown deck and the Electro Wiz as a supporting troop.

Lava is an expensive troop, so watch out for counter attacks when deploying it and wait for the right moment to release him.

Whats are you going to use?


The challenge is on and here are a few decks that got the 12 wins on the challenge!

• Chief Pat:

• Surgical Goblins:

• My favorite, a deck that has been reviewed here on House Royale. The Lava + Miner! By Trainer Nick:

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