Card Sneak Peek: Electro Wizard

What's up Clashers, the Clone has just been released and we can finally get Sneak Peeks on the next new card: the Electro Wizard!

The Electro Wizard costs 4 Elixir, it's a Legendary card and can be unlocked from the Royal Arena (Arena 7).


As the name suggests, this is a new Wizard that "zaps" enemies, causing damage and stunning them.

When deployed the Wizard deals minor area damage and stuns troops around. This is great when deployed close to Inferno Towers or Sparky as it will make them stop and recharge. This is specially great if you already destroyed one Crown Tower, because no matter where your opponent deploys the  Inferno Tower, you will probably be able to place the Wizard close enough to force it to recharge.

Another great feature: the zap can hit 2 enemies at once. Keep in mind that this is not splash damage, the Wizard can still be surrounded by large quantities of low HP troops, such as the Skeleton Army.

Those 2 features are unique and so far this is the only card with those abilities.

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