Sneak Peek: 4 New Cards!

The next 4 cards that will be added in January and February confirmed. Meet the Dart Goblin, Executioner, Goblin Gang, Battle Ram!


A very very cool card with a different concept! Basically, it is a big log carried by two barbarians. They will run toward the nearest building and hit it. While running, they will charge, similar to the Prince.

When the log is destroyed the two barbarians will keep attacking as melee troops, making this card a great value.

Unlocked at the Arena 6, Builder's Workshop, this is the only new card announced that will not be unlocked at the new Jungle Arena.


With a "boomerang" type of blade, it makes splash damage on the way out and the way in! Yes, it makes double damage because the blade can hit the troops twice!

Capable of attacking air and ground troops this is a very unique card with a great concept. With splash damage, this card will be an excellent defensive card, countering pretty much all troops except the tank ones. Not a cheap card, costs 5 Elixir to use, but when used on defense there is a great chance of survive and go ahead to attack.

This card will be a great alternative for the Wizard and can be unlocked at the Jungle Arena.


Long ranged and a very fast guy, but with low Hit Points. Even tough it is a single target troop, it might work well against mass troops with low Hit Points, but the main use of this troop will probably be as a support troop, used behind tank troops.

Did I mention he is fast? Yes, he shots that dart super fast!

The range is also pretty good, long enough to outrange the Inferno Tower and Cannons.

Can be unlocked on the Jungle Arena.


Spear Goblins and regular Goblins mixed together! 6 Goblins for just 3 Elixir, the best "Goblin deal" on the game. Deploying Goblins and Spear Goblins separated costs 4 Elixir, so this card will save you 1 Elixir.

Mixed together, they are also a great combo. Goblins will take the lead while Spear Goblins attack from behind, but as always, watch out for Zaps, the Goblins have very low Hit Points.

 Can be unlocked on the new Jungle Arena.


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