Xmas Update Review!

Hello Clashers! The Xmas update is on its way, so let’s recap everything so you will not miss any detail.

• The Christmas Tree

• Graphic changes

Game art improved to most troops and heroes.

• King and Queen level 45:

Big change that will make maxed players back to farm. The upgrade time and cost to lower levels will be reduced, complete table on the way.

• Clan Castle level 7

The troop capacity remains the same, 35, but it will now accept “big” Elixir Spells donations, not only Dark Spells.

• Wizard Tower level 10

Available to TH 11, will make level 9 to be available on TH 10.

• Wall 12

50 pieces only to TH 11. Will make level 10-11 price reduced.

• Golem, Hog Rider and Spell new levels

Coming to Town Hall 11 only, new troop and spell levels. The Poison Spell radius will also be increased in all levels.

• Witch damage BUFF

The direct damage caused by Witch will be increased. This is the second buff in a row for the Witches. Since skeletons no longer trigger traps, the Witch pretty much disappeared from the game. Supercell is again trying to bring her back.

• Balloons attack speed

As soon as they reach the target they will attack faster. This might seem like a small change, but when the Bowler it was pretty much a useless troop, than Supercell make a similar change and made it an excellent troop. Let’s wait and see how it goes!

• Dragon and P.E.K.K.A attack speed

The attack speed will be increased, but the Damage Per Second (DPS) remains the same. This should make a great change on the P.E.K.K.A that has a very high DPS but is super slow.

That’s all for the Xmas update guys! Merry Xmas to everyone and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for real time updates.

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