Meet the Heroes!

Hey Boomers! Tons of new information about the Heroes on Boom Beach!

I don't have early access to the game, so a couple of things might be slightly different when update arrives. Get ready, Heroes are coming!


The game is launching 2 Heroes, but more will be added over time. On battles, you must choose your favorite, since you can take only one with you.

Each Hero is going to have a unique passive ability and 3 active abilities, but you must choose a single one to use on the battles as well. With all these choices, you will be able customize the Hero according to the army you are taking to the battlefield.

Heroes will only be used to attack other islands, not being capable of defend your base. With this new offensive power coming, some defenses are going to be rebalanced. To begin with, the Machine Gun will have better aim, hitting the enemy more consistently. A second prototype slot will be unlocked at Weapons Lab level 3 and a third at level 5, so high level players will be able to place up to 3 Prototypes at the same time to defend their base.

Enough talk, let's see the new Heroes!


Sergeant Brick already lives on the Island and will be unlocked when you reach a certain HQ level. She will probably be the first Hero available. Her passive ability is her firearm.

She has 3 active abilities, but you must choose only one to use, making the best choice according to your army:


Get ready for tons of explosions! As you can see, using the Hero ability will cost Gunboat Energy and can be used multiple times. The passive ability is constant and will work as long as the Hero is alive.


This ability boosts nearby troops, making them stronger, shoot and move faster. On this picture you can see a different boat arriving, that's the new Hero Boat.


Works similar to the previous one, but with a different effect: all nearby troops will take 50% less damage from the enemy.


She will be hiding somewhere on the Archipelago, so you will have to explore more to unlock this new hero.

Captain Everspark has a unique passive ability: every few seconds she will spawn a few Critters. The release rate will increase as you upgrade her.

Now let’s take a look at the active abilities:


As you can imagine, she will release tons os Critters! Great to distract defenses,  this will probably be the most used ability with the Tanks + Medics combo.


She tosses a single demolition charge to the enemy buildings, making a great amount of damage to them.


With a universal remote you can control everything, but on this case she will be able to control the enemy defenses, turning them to your side, fighting for you for a short time! They will actually attack other enemy buildings. Insane!


This is a new character that will be added to the game. She will arrive on her submarine every Friday night and will leave Sunday night, offering trades. Yes, she will do resource exchange! Every time she comes back she will have new offers. This is something Boomers have been requesting for a long time!


The Heroes will be upgraded with Gold. The basic stats, health, damage, etc will be upgraded just as a regular troop. However, you will have to upgrade the abilities with a new currency called “Hero Tokens” that you can get them from the Traitor.

Every time the Traitor shows up she will give you a free one, but the other ones you will have to buy with tickets that you will collect from Daily Rewards and Supply Chests. The more you play, the easier will be to upgrade them.


Get ready, the update is coming next week!


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  2. Thanks Darko! I'll share over there too. :)

    1. It's Trader not Traitor and I love your apps.

  3. Minor edit - "Second prototype slot is now unlocked at Weapons Lab level 3, and a third Prototype slot will be unlocked at Weapons Lab level 5, so players will be able to place up to 3 Prototypes at the same time on their Islands"


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